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Congratulations to our shop of the day:The Green Groovy! The Green Groovy features Original Hand painted Art Collection: Eco friendly Jute Bags, Purses, File Folders, & Watercolor Art Note cards. How is the Jute collection eco friendly? Coz Jute or Burlap fabric is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

So Pretty and OOAK – Black Jute Purse, hand painted pink & gold motif with lilac crystals by Sowmya V. Unique from my studio-An eco spring fashion accessory! Perfect for your date/dinner nights with your LBD. Hippie, Boho chic, Feminine, Kawaii Cute?—You decide and play along! *Clutch is made of 100% Jute and has vibrant floral cotton ribbon piping to add to the look.
*Clutch measures 8.5×4.5 inches and closes with two metallic snap in buttons.Insides are lined with soft non woven cloth and contains zipper in the center and three slots on the front for cash and cards.
*Very comfortable and roomy enough for your daily purse nitty gritties.Easily fits into any handbag.Chic one of a kind ecofriendly accessory. Perfect gift!

Set of 2 blank hand painted note cards for anytime! Original watercolor red and blue flowers by Sowmya V. These are original paintings, not prints! Lovely way to send a personalized message for any occasion! These cards can also be framed for later.

OOAK Golden Yellow Jute Purse hand painted with Indian Pattern by Sowmya V & embellished crystals. The motif symbolizes prosperity and joy! So perfect for your date/dinner nights!

I LOVE The Green Groovy, so many beautiful eco-friendly items! I hope you enjoyed this blog feature, if you have some time stop by and LIKE The Green Groovy on FaceBook!

My FB fans enjoy a 10% off all purchases! coupon code FBDISC10 at checkout.

Blog: http://www.thepinkoflife.blogspot.com/


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Meet our shop of the weekend, Night’s Vision. The name of Tina’s shop, Night’s Vision has been with her since the late ’90’s and is a statement on where and when she feels her creativity comes from. Tina has been a night owl her whole life and find that those moments of creative impulse, the “vision” comes to her in the middle of the night when everything is quiet and peaceful. Who knows what lurks in the dark next!

“Hallowed Catrina” is a OOAK Art Doll by Tina Lynn Ellis. Standing approx 11.5″ tall this goddess shaped cloth bodied doll is a mixture of my favorite days of the year Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. The fabric used for the body is a great Halloween print. The face of this Hallowed Catrina sits mask like on the doll head and is made of polymer clay then painted and accented with crystals and glitter. Many different types of fabric make up her fabulous gown, starting with my favorite, tulle! Her full skirt and bodice both have a ruffled edge created from ribbon. Hanging from her simple beaded belt are several strands of beading containing stone, ceramic, and glass beads. Her hair is made up of many different yarns and ribbons giving her that lovely wild mane of hair. Topping her off is a feathered top hat made of polymer clay and all glittered up!

The Greenman is a 7 to 8 inch soft bodied hand painted art doll by Tina Lynn Ellis. His face and accents on his body have been handpainted on fabric. Along with his crown of leaves his hair is made up of various different yarns and fibers. He does not stand on his own but can be placed in a sitting position or a doll stand may be used.

Have you ever been broken open? Whether it be by joy or pain there comes a time when our sacred inner fire cannot be be contained. Inner Fire Sacred Heart Pendants are hand sculpted causing no two to ever be exactly alike, just like you and me. After sculpting with different distressing techniques these pendants are further enhanced with careful hand painting. The back sides are glittered and the whole pendant is sealed with a gloss. Comes with an organza and cord necklace. This particular pendant measures approx. 2 x 2 1/2 inches.

Visit her blog at Http://nightsvision.blogspot.com and keep up with happenings at http://www.facebook.com/nightsvision

I love the diversity and imagination of Tina’s artwork, I hope you enjoyed this amazing glimpse of her artwork!

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Congratulations to Trevor the artist at Emergent Glassworks!
I am totally infatuated with this artists amazing skills with the flame! Take a look at some of his artwork, I am sure it will have you saying “WOW!” just as it did me!

(Emergence: the formation of a completely new system, patterns and properties by the complex interaction of lesser elements in the system.)

Finely crafted with exquisite detail! you’ve never seen anything this cool in your life! there’s a hundred different ways to display this; Hang it around your neck, dashboard mirror, your wall or put it somewhere cool like your fish tank, desktop zen garden or just in a display case.

This is a Handmade 1.25″ marble with a realistic amanita mushroom in it. Great for any mushroom enthusiast or marble collector!

LIKE on facebook!http://www.facebook.com/emergentglassworks

I hope you enjoyed these amazing creations as much as I did featuring them! Stay tuned for our next shop of the day!

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Under-pricing artwork is something no artist should do, yet I see so many wonderful artists charging so little for their masterpieces. Whether you create jewelry, ceramics, fine art paintings, photography or whatever you may craft pricing is important. So whats the big hullabaloo about under-pricing? Under pricing your artwork can effect your business whether you sell online, or at a boutique or gallery.
As an artist, you deserve to be able to make a living at what your do, after all, isn’t that why you chose to be an artist? So many artists rarely charge enough to really cover the cost of their supplies, and many of us really aren’t sure what are “SUPPLY OVERHEAD” really is. I am guilty of this until recently when I tallied my supply expenses for my 2011 tax return. I was shocked at how all the items I picked up here and there to finish a project added up to me taking a loss at the end of the year.

This also isn’t taking into consideration the other overhead charges I accumulate as a small business owner. When you get right down to it, you have to take EVERYTHING into account when pricing your artwork. Take into consideration your rent for your studio space, how much do you pay per year for rent? If you work from your home you still have expenses, lets not forget to add in electricity, water,internet, phone, and insurance. Now, right there with all that listed you are getting the idea, even if you work from home you can claim at least 10% of your yearly bills for each of those listed, if not 100% for internet if it is used solely for your business.

Now, lets consider your time, what are your creative skills worth per hour? Let’s say it takes you 10 hours to create a new item for your artwork collection, you are scared to over charge, or you just feel funny pricing your work high-end. With this in mind you sell your creation for a mere $40.00 If we just look at what your hourly rate would be $4.00! That is not even minimum wage! What is depressing in this equation is that we did not add in any over head. In no way am I saying you need to OVERPRICE your items, but you should charge enough so that you make a profit.

If you aren’t sure where you stand with pricing, I recommend looking at artists who create similar art and see what they are charging. This combined with your determined over head expenses can set you on the right track for pricing.
As a buyer of handmade art I can tell you that I will spend more on individuals creation than I would going to a department store. Why? Because of the originality and the quality of the item. I like knowing that there is a “REAL” person behind the item I purchase, not a machine or assembly line of people who are only there because it is their job. I also know people who buy handmade on line and wont even consider buying an item if it is priced too low, their reasoning is that it must not be a high quality item. This is why I stress that pricing your work to make a profit is so important. You don’t think Calvin Klein got rich selling jeans for $5.00 a pair do you? Of course not!

I hope this article gives you the “OKAY” to go forward and price your work accordingly, no one should take a loss on their creativity.

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Meet Madeline’s Jewelry Box, our third shop of the day! Madeline’s Jewelry Box is the 3rd generation of jewelry makers in her family. Her jewelry designs are stunning, I love her use of stone in her designs!

Kelli Worth Designs (http://www.etsy.com/shop/KelliWorthDesigns) and I teamed up to make this beautiful copper and beaded bracelet.
The first layer of copper has been brushed and hand fired to bring out a hint of the same color in the beads. The beads are a gorgeous turquoise! This necklace is beaded on wire. It has a toggle clasp.

Kelli Worth Designs (http://www.etsy.com/shop/KelliWorthDesigns) and I teamed up to make this beautiful copper and beaded necklace.
The first layer of copper has been brushed and hand fired to bring out a hint of the same color in the beads. The beads are a gorgeous purple/blue agate! The beads are knotted off with leather one at a time. The toggle clasp is made with a left over bead.

This necklace is a awesome statement piece! These beads are chunky…but not to heavy. All the red beads are coral. The silver color beads at the top are silver. The toggle clasp is silver color hypo allergenic metal. This necklace is 19 inches long.

You can find Madeline’s Jewelry Box on FaceBook:

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Congratulations to our shop of the day, CreativeXpressions! In her shop you will find a treasure trove of items for hearth and home that includes her inspirational book, inspirational pin back buttons and magnets, a variety of decoupaged wood crafts, handmade bead magnets, nature photography, photo button magnets, pin back buttons, custom pin back/photo buttons, and sun-catchers. Her crafts are one-of-a-kind originals; no two are identical.

A Good Pill To Swallow Is Pride 2.2.5 Pinback Button and reminds us that pride is symbolic of a pill that is indeed good to swallow, but not very easy to do!

Lordship Through Friendship is a 192-page inspirational book that can be used in a small group study or as a personal devotional.

Written in a conversational format, the book contains 25 chapters along with a chapter-by-chapter study guide. Chapters can be read in succession or randomly since each chapter has its own beginning, middle, and ending.
One of the backcover endorsements…
“[W]hile Rita’s targeted audience is Christian, her themes have wide appeal; her metaphors are fresh and clear, and her provocative prose is inspiring.” Joan W., Professor Emerita
Two of the inside reader endorsements…
“One of the things I loved most about Lordship through Friendship was how the author presented Bible verses that I grew up with in a new light. Rita Sullivan’s conversational visits with the Lord and His modern-day parables enabled me to see these verses afresh. All of us need to pause at times and reexamine our faith and beliefs. The book’s chapter–by-chapter study questions will assist you in that reflective process.” –Rosalind E.
“This book was very enlightening–a big eye opener. I found much wisdom in these pages. The book has rekindled my desire to grow spiritually closer to the Lord.” –Gayle P.

This listing is for a photo print anniversary card, which I designed and gave to my husband for our anniversary this year. Photos inserted on the card were taken by me while vacationing in North Carolina in 2005.
You may choose to change the card from an “anniversary” to a “birthday” card. If you prefer to insert photos from your own collection, email the photos to me in a jpeg, pdf, or png format with a pixel resolution of 300.
The anniversary card is printed on heavy cardstock. The card along with its envelope will be shipped in a sturdy mailer to protect it during transit.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the items from our shop of the day as much as I enjoyed this feature!

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Today’s shop of the day is Melissa WyldAngelz, her shop is full of handmade decoupage pretties!
Here are a few of my favorites from her Facebook Page!

These candle holders are just beautiful!

If you love skulls and crossbones, then you will LOVE this really cool light switch plate!

For all of you soup lovers out there this Campbell’s soup outlet plate is too adorable!

Melissa, thank you for being our shop of the day! You can find Melissa online here:

Become a facebook friend at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/wyldangelzdesigns

Also, follow her on Twitter! http://twitter.com/#!/WyldAngelz

Don’t forget to check out Melissa’s blog!

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